Stay Blu

I had decided to call this look of mine, 'Stay Blu' (notice that I took out the e hehe) because I've been wearing the color blue in my outfits a lot. So it's no surprise that I decided to post a bluish outfit again. I have 3 favorite clothing items, the classic off-shoulder, my blues & the classic vintage stripes. I own a lot of stripy clothes. From shorts to shirts. I can say that my favorite pattern is stripes.

This top isn't supposed to be cropped, but since the top looked unflattering when by itself, I decided to tie it up. Here's a little tip for you; when you will tie a shirt and the 'tie' doesn't stay, I usually slide a rubber band onto the place where I will tie it, and I start to tie it. Wow, I think I used the word 'tie' a lot. Hopefully you guys get what I said.  A rhinestone choker is my babe to this outfit. Any outfit comes together with a choker. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of mine! ❤️

Love, Amira

What I'm Wearing:
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from KEDS
Choker from House of Chokers (Instagram)


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