Saw Her Standing There

So Amira and I attended a book launch on the book, "Saw Her Standing There" on a Saturday. Honestly, the book surprised us. Because Amira and I are the kind of people who buy books because of the cover. Lol. So since the cover was a little plain (but also aesthetically pleasing for my feed lol), we weren't really sure on what the story was about. But during the book launch, when they told us some chapters and how the book was made, we were really surprised. 

The book is based on Patrick and Aileen Formanes' (his wife) real experiences when they were still teens in highschool. But they also mixed it with some fiction at the same time. Patrick wanted to show that the life of a Filipino studying in the United States isn't always filled with problems after all.

The book is also a love story, and the comedy in the book is light hearted. The book is a fun book to read, because us teens can relate to it since it is based on his own experiences. The main characters are Filipino and they are Ryan and Lane. He spent 5 years writing this book, and the title is actually based on a Beatles song (do you guys already know what it is?) Patrick even said that this book is actually the longest love letter he's written for his wife. ❤️ 

So here's a little background on what the book is all about:

In New York City, there were these two people, Ryan and Lane. They met in high school, fell in love, and later married. Yes, to each other. From here, it would be easy to ask, “Does anyone die? Did they turn into wizards? Witches? Ghosts? Vampires? How about zombies? Or, are they monsters of unknown origins, their only aim to annihilate their neighboring monsters by gnashing them to delicious morsels with their ridiculously sharp incisors, leaving the planet to stew in the juices and horrific odors of rotten animal flesh, splintered bones, and exposed innards, then kill each other because: (1) they get hungry again and (2) they don’t like vegetables?” No. None of that stuff will be found in this novel. Through these pages, you will learn about Ryan and Lane, who are regular humans devoid of any superpowers, as well as their fellow Filipino-American friends, and how they maneuver through personal challenges while attending their Queens high school. Follow them as they play sports, kiss (and more), use the foulest language, excel academically (at least most of them), fight, go to parties, eat food, take public transportation, and, most importantly, learn about each other.

Here is Patrick Formanes, the author of the book.

Here he is discussing Chapter 7, "Is Calligraphy Violent?".

Here is his wife, Eileen Formanes. She is his main inspiration for the book.

Amira and I have been reading the book, and we are honestly both starting the love the book already. The humor is really light hearted, and I can imagine everything that's going on in the book (Will a movie come out soon? 😉). We both recommend for you to give this book a try! There is a little bit of foul language going on, but the book itself is really entertaining and you won't get bored of it. You can find the book in Fully Booked stores, so go grab a copy already!! You won't regret it. 😛

Love, The Vallerys.


  1. Hey!! I love all your blog posts and videos on Youtube! <3 I also love the songs there. May I suggest that your next blog post be a playlist with all your favorite songs? Also, can I know the songs you put in your vids? Thank you and keep it up! :)