Meet the Twins

A B O U T   T H E   T W I N S

Hello! If you are new here, here's a little introduction of who we are. :)

Vallery Amira and Vallery Anika Aquino are 15 year old twin sisters who are all about fashion. They love the same things, do everything together, buy and share the same clothes and are always asked of who's who.

The Vallerys is a fashion, DIY and personal blog. Our goal is to share our outfits and thoughts on the blog to inspire everyone through fashion and also share to them our experiences in life.

We hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to follow us on our social media's to keep up with our daily lives. :)

DISCLAIMER: All posts are being monitored by the parents and older siblings of Amira and Anika.


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hi u both are pretty

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Can you click this link? file:///C:/Users/RUFO/Desktop/TheVallerys.htm

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