Stripes and White Skirts

Is it obvious I'm running out of ideas for titles? 😂 Had a quick shoot when I took this so I'm sorry if I don't look the best. If you guys are from Las Piñas, guess where I am. 😛

(Sorry for the grainy pictures :( )
Happy Sunday guys! If you guys noticed, Amira was also wearing blue in her blog post posted before this. We were actually supposed to have a twin blog post, but then we realized that it looked off and decided to have separate posts instead. :)

It was a Sunday, and I was tired from home works and working on the blog the night before, so I woke up tired. I was lazy and sleepy, but at the same time, I still wanted to look like I put effort in my outfit. (Does it look like it though? 😂) So I decided to finally wear my tennis skirt. This skirt has been stuck in my closet for too long. I finally found something to pair with it from my endless searching on Pinterest and Instagram. I apologize for wearing my KEDS in every blog post! I promise you I'll be wearing a different one soon. 😜

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday! ❤️

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
Skirt from legendaireph
Shoes from KEDS


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