Stepping Out

This isn't really something I would wear on a daily basis, but it's nice to step out of your comfort zone sometimes to try new things.

I managed to squeeze in a little photoshoot for this look, considering we had ballet in an hour that time, so Amira and I will be posting as often as possible for you guys. :) 

A white v cut top, slacks, and nude heels shouts professional. Lol. But if you're looking for a simple, somewhat not trying too hard formal look, this is the way to go. I really love how this look can be changed to a casual look by wearing jeans instead of slacks. Now I'm thinking that I should've made a blogpost about that too. This isn't really something I would wear, but hey, it's September. So I shall try new things. :)

Sooo, since it's September, do you guys want Amira and I to make a video or blogpost about our favorites for this month? :) We promise it's not gonna be boring. (lol) Comment down below what you guys think about this outfit, and comment down below too if you guys want us to make a Septemebr favorites video. ;)

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
White V cut top from Perch Clothing
Necklace from Promod
Nude heels from Forever 21
Bag from Topshop


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