Since I was late for Sunday worship, the outfit I planned in my head the night before didn't really work out. So I had to think of a quick on the go outfit.

I don't really wear my glasses when I go out, so why am I wearing glasses you may ask? Well, I had a huge pimple in the middle of my head during this shoot. Literally, in the MIDDLE. So, wearing glasses was my last resort since makeup couldn't cover it up, and the glasses perfectly covered the pimple up.

Okay enough of my pimple, I decided to wear a sweater in this quick outfit since we were attending one of the early services, so I wouldn't be freezing my butt off. ( I learned my lesson. :( ) I paired the sweater with one of my favorite jeans from Topshop, and I was good to go. Lately, I've been using this Topshop bag my mom gave me (thank you mommy ♥︎), since it's been working so well with all the outfits I pair with it. And it's just the right size too!

Remember when I asked you guys if we should make a September favorites video? Well, Amira told me since August ended, we should make an August favorites video instead. Sooo, would you guys want us to make an August favorites video? 😛

I hope you guys are happy that we're posting more often now, and we hope to continue that too. :) Haha, but seriously we are, we promise ♥︎. What'd you guys think about this outfit? Comment down below your thoughts and comment down below too if you would want us to make an August favorites video! :)

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater from Uniqlo
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Cotton On
Bag from Topshop


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