What's Going On

We are still alive! 😂 If you guys have been wondering why we haven't posted in two weeks, I'll explain it to you guys. But first, enjoy this little outfit post. ❤️

So here's the shenanigans lately. Amira and I have been super busy with projects and school works. It's crazy! Amira is preparing for her JAPI, and I am preparing for my poetry competition. As I'm actually writing this, I have a script due tomorrow. (But blogging first! 😜)

So, we have both decided to summarize everything we have done in a month, using pictures of course, and put it into one blog post and post it at every end of the month! We hope this will make up for our absence, and do not worry, because we have blog posts to post for you all. ❤️

We both love you all, so we work really hard to keep up with our busy schedule, while maintaining the blog. Is it weird I'm writing this down in a fashion blog post? 😂

I hope you guys liked this blog post and outfit! Always be happy and grateful. 

PS. Sorry for not posting for two weeks. 😢

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
Dress from Cotton On
Shoes from Hue Manila


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