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In life, we all never stop learning new things. And sometimes, we all just wanna learn new things. This blog post will sort of be a personal post, so scroll down below to see what I really mean. ❤️

So I decided to try a little vintage filter and a little grain on these photos. Can you guys see the difference?

In life, we all wanna learn and try new things. It might be just trying a new filter you just recently saw on a blogger's Instagram feed, or wanting to learn how to do makeup. We all have those days where you just wanna have a new hobby. Or those days where we just learn and realize things based from an experience.

Well, throughout life, we all never stop learning. We sometimes learn from a relationship we had or have, or those ❤️ to ❤️ conversations with your siblings or friends. We also learn based from other people's experiences in life. I certainly also learned the hard way on stopping to online shop too much. Lol. I wanted to share with you guys what I learned for this month of September. Well it's not the end of the month yet, but I'm already realizing A LOT of things. So here is a list of 5 things I have learned emotionally and physically:

1. Always start your day organized and happy. Even though that sounds impossible to do, we can all try, right?

2. Never ever bring yourself down. If you got a low score on that quiz, or just a tough day at school, never give up. For those are all temporary. You are strong and can always try again.

3. Keep yourself busy with new hobbies! You can learn how to do calligraphy, learn how to draw and even learn how to dance! We never know what we are all capable of doing. Explore. 😉

4. Never be afraid to try out new styles. Learn to step out of your comfort zone.

5. Last but certainly not the least; Never be afraid to try new things. You can never go on with life without learning new things. Learn to accept and to move on. For you may never know what life will throw at us. (Did that make sense? 😂)

I hope you guys keep these in mind and always tell yourself to go, and learn new things. I hope you guys learned something from this personal 'sentimode' blog post. Tell me what you guys learned about in this month of September! I'm curious on what you guys experienced, and what you learned from them, or just a hobby you recently got into! Comment it down below. ❤️

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
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