Black On Black

We finally have a twin blogpost again! So, instead of us dressing exactly the same, we decided to do a black on black matching outfits. ❤️



Don't worry, guys, we are still alive! We are just having hectic schedules, so we weren't able to edit the photos immediately, these were actually taken last Sunday, so we apologize for the long delay! (As you can see we had to edit quite a lot of photos lol) But here we are, writing another blog post for you guys! We have so much blog posts ready to be posted at the moment, so we'll get back on track again. 😉 

Amira recently made a new YouTube video, so she'll be posting it real soon. Trust me (Anika), you guys will love it. I (Anika) of course got the, first sneak peek. 😛 We've added again a filter to our photos in this post, what do you guys think? Instead of just posting plain photos, we decided to give it a little bit of color. Tell us what you guys think! :)

Amira and I love wearing matching outfits all the time, but this time, we didn't want to be exactly the same, so we decided to match instead by wearing black on black! We have been loving chokers lately, so we apologize if you see us wear chokers in most of our blog posts. 😂 We hope you guys like this blog post, and tell us what you guys think about it down below. We love you all so much. ❤️

Love, The Vallerys

What Amira Is Wearing:
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from Keds

What Anika Is Wearing:
Top from TwenTeen
Skirt from H&M
Choker from House of Chokers (Instagram)
Shoes from KEDS
Watch from CASIO


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