A simple, plain, neutral colored collared romper can still make a statement.

The eyebags are real. 

This romper gives me the 'Yaya Dub' vibes. Lol. No joke though, even my mom said it. But, it still looks super cute, and reminds me of Korean fashion. I didn't add any more jewelry or belt to the romper, because the romper already looks sophisticated. Am I the only person who loves wearing easy to wear and simple but cute looking clothes? I did look a child when I tied my hair up. (In Amira's point of view hahaha) I honestly own quite a few rompers, but most of them are sleeveless or off the shoulder, so I'm definitely gonna put this romper on my quick outfits lists. This is just one of the few clothes that I own which is neutral colored. Aaand, I'm kinda starting to love it. Neutral colors are so easy to wear and you can match it with anything! I was even able to put my pink fluffy keychain on my bag! 😛

So we are back to blogging again. Can you spot my eyebags in the pictures? Lol, but I have eyebags now because of the sleepless nights due to my projects and essays. Plus, our exam week is coming up.


But really, if you feel like giving up because you are probably having a difficult time, just always remember that in the end, it's gonna be worth it. Just don't think about it too much and just before you know it, you're already done! So just keep going, cause it's gonna be worth it. I hope you all enjoyed this post! By the way, 45 days until Christmas! (Is it bad that I set a Xmas clock as my homepage? 😂)

Love, Anika

What I'm Wearing:
Romper from Pink Manila
Watch from CASIO
Shoes from KEDS
Bag from Topshop


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